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Katchakid Pool Safety Net

Katchakid Pool Safety Net protects children

For complete peace of mind the safest - and usually the most economical - solution to 100% pool protection is a Pool Safety Net - it keeps children, adults and pets safe; whether the pool is full or has been drained for the winter or for maintenance, yet it allows an unobstructed view of the pool and surrounding area.

We are very familiar with Katchakid - the original inventors of Pool Safety Nets - and we have installed truckloads of them in Spain, Portugal, Germany, Switzerland and Hungary.

We have also supplied DIY Katchakid to clients in more than 2 dozen countries worldwide.

After almost 60 years, and with well over half a million safety net installations worldwide, there has never been a drowning accident when a Katchakid is correctly installed to a pool (or pond).


Take a look at these imagesTake a look at these images on the Katchakid site - dozens of photos that demonstrate just how versatile the Katchakid is!

Katchakid can make any pool 100% safe.

Blair Esson, CEO of Katchakid, designed the first safety net after the tragic death of a close friend's son, who drowned at a family get-together in 1967.

Blair said, 'Everyone was there, but nobody noticed the child fall in. His death was horrifyingly silent.' He was shocked to think that he had been enjoying himself while the child was gasping for life just a few feet away.

He determined to find a way to ensure the safety of his own and friends swimming pools, so that other families would not suffer this devastating tragedy.

Thus, the first swimming pool safety net was created: Blair called it ‘Katchakid’.

Over the past 52 years Katchakid has been re-evaluated, re-defined and modified to bring you today the very best in terms of child pool safety and is even available as a DIY item, anywhere in the world.

  • Easy to Remove - 3-5 minutes to open the pool.
    Easy to Fit - 5-8 minutes to close the pool and make it 100% safe.
  • Total Security for children and pets around the pool.
  • Total Peace of Mind for adults.
  • Katchakid Pool Safety Nets have been preventing drowning tragedies in commercial, public and private pools for 47 years.
  • More than 500,000 Pool Safety Nets have been installed throughout the world without a single report of a drowning, nor even a near-drowning.

Katchakid's purpose is twofold:

It acts as a deterrent - The pool is no longer an open magnet to children. They might investigate but lose interest fairly quickly... It’s a learning process and kids quickly learn that when the net is in place this means 'NO - the swimming pool is CLOSED.'

Katchakid serves as a final, impenetrable barrier - if the children do manage to get over the fence. If kids stumble and fall, stretch out for a lost toy or even ride their bikes across it for a dare (like kids sometimes do): -

  • Katchakid will catch and save them.
  • Kids can’t get through Katchakid.
  • Kids can’t get under it.
  • It's the ultimate in child drowning prevention.

Central Tensioning System

The Central Tensioning System shown both open & closed ->

Key Benefits:

  • Impossible for your child (or most pets) to reach the water.
  • Impossible for most children under 10 (and most pets!) to remove, get through or get under the net.
  • Affordable peace of mind for you - just open the back door and let the kids run freely.

You can be sure that, whatever else the kids are doing, they are safe from falling into the pool because Katchakid prevents drowning.