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The single most effective prevention of drowning measure is the installation of a Safety Barrier to prevent unauthorised - or unsupervised - access to the water

A pool fitted with a Safety Barrier is far less likely to be the scene of an accident, and in many places such a barrier is required by law.

Most drownings occur when the pool is not in active use and no-one is supervising any children who may be near the pool.

Read a little about your legal liabilitieslegal liabilities and here's lots more information on Pool SafetyPool Safety; what you can do to your own pool to make it the safest place it can possibly be.

A swimming pool is a difficult environment for any equipment to deal with - 24/7 exposure to weather, chemicals, damp and humidity all contribute to the harsh conditions.

Anything that has to last for several years around a pool is probably not going to be cheap and Safety Barriers are certainly no exception to this. However, they are vital safety equipment and, if you find them a bit beyond your immediate financial reach - look herelook here . . 

Barriers come in 3 main categories. Please follow the links below:





Each has it's advantages and disadvantages - although there are NO disadvantages to the prevention of drowning